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Section 2
Thomas Andrew Jarvis the First

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Cells- B.2.1-2.2 Energy and Biomass ­ B.
Animal cells 2 pages 2.4
Plant cells 2 pages Energy 1 page
Differences of plant and animal cells 1 pages
Biomass pyramid 1 page
Organs/tissue 1 page Biomass Picture 1 page
Photosyntheis- B.2.3 Food production 1 page
What is it? 1 page Nutrient Cycle B.2.5
Equation of Photosynthesis. 1 page Decomposition 1 page
Photo of photosynthesis 1 page Decomposer 1 page
Production of photosynthesis 1 page The carbon Cycle 1 page atm
Leaves 1 page Photosynthesis and Respiration 1
Structure of Leaves 1 page page…read more

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Enzymes: b.2.6 Genes and cell division
How they work 2 pages
Picture 1 page B2.8
Enzymes and respiration 1 page Cell division 1 page
Digestion 1 page Mitosis 1 page
In stomach and small intestine 1 page Meiosis 1 page
Picture of (above) 1 page Fertilisation 1 page
Variation in offspring 1 page
Homeostasis b2.7 Stem cells 1 page
What is it 1 page
Diabetes 1 page Genetics B2.8
Controlling blood sugar 1 page Chromosomes 1 page
Controlling body temp Picture 1 page Alleles 1 page
When its hot 1 page Hereditary diseases 1 page
When its cold 1 page Genetic crosses 1 page
Genetic crosses Diagram 1 page
Dna 1 page…read more

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B.2.1-B.2.2 CELLS
Cell structure of animal Cells-
They all have ­
Nucleus, a Nucleus controls everything happens
inside the cells and Contains all the information
to make new Cells
Cytoplasm, Jelly like substance in which
chemical reactions of the cell take place, The
chemical reactions are Controlled by enzymes…read more

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A cell membrane, gives the cell the shape it has
and controls what go in and out of the cell
Ribosome's, which are where proteins are made…read more

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Plant Cells-
Cell wall ­ found outside the cell membrane
Chloroplasts- Are found in the cytoplasm of
many plant cells. They absorb light energy to
make food by photosynthesis
A vacuole is a large sac in the Centre of the
Cytoplasm, Contains a watery fluid called Cell
sap…read more

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