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· Stroke- blood supply to part of the brain is cut
· Angina- narrowing of the coronary blood
· Heart attack- blockage of coronary vessels…read more

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Risk of CVD can be reduced by...
· Not smoking
· Moderate exercise several times a week
· Not over consuming alcohol
· Dietary changes, especially lowering
cholesterol and saturated fat intake…read more

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Treatments of CVD
· Reducing high blood pressure by
· Reduction of blood cholesterol e.g. By diet or
by drugs such as statins.
· Anticoagulants (substance that prevents blood
· Platelet inhibitors (more effective in the
arterial circulation- decrease the aggregation
and activity of platelets)…read more

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Drug treatment Mode of action Risks/side effects
Diuretics Increase volume of urine; lowers blood Very occasional dizziness, nausea,
(antihypertensive) volume and pressure muscle cramps
Beta blockers Block response of heart to hormones Possible link with diabetes
and make contractions less frequent and
less powerful
ACE inhibitors Block the production of angiotensin Cough, dizziness, heart arrythmia,
(antihypertensive) -(ACE stands for which normally causes arterial impaired kidney function.
angiotensin converting enzyme) costriction and a rise in blood pressure.
Statins Lower cholesterol level in the blood Muscle aches, nausea, constipation, and
blocking the liver enzyme that makes diarrhea; very rarely inflammation
cholesterol. reactions can occur which even more
rarely are fatal also again rarely liver
failure, people may stop trying to eat a
healthy diet leaving it all to the statins.
Anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin) Reduce risk of clot formation Risk of uncontrolled bleeding; dosage
control is essential.
Platelet inhibitory drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Make platelets less sticky Aspirin irritates the starch lining and can
clopidogrel) cause serious stomach bleeding, using
clopidogrel with aspirin can make the
risk even greater.…read more


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