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· Respiration
· Photosynthesis
· Microbiology
· Populations
· Homeostasis
· Nervous system…read more

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Need for ATP
· Movement
· Homeostasis
· Anabolic processes (synthesis of large
molecules from smaller ones)
· Active transport
· Secretions…read more

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· Temporary energy store
· Must be used in cell where it is created
· Base = adenine
· Pentose sugar = ribose
· 3 phosphate groups
· Adenosine triphosphate
· Hydrolysis of ATP is exergonic (energy released)
catalysed by ATPase
· Phosphorylation of ADP endergonic (energy used)
· 30 kJ mol-1 energy to add/remove phosphate group
catalysed by ATPsynthetase…read more

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Cellular respiration
· Gas exchange = diffusion of gases into and out of
cells that allows respiration to take place
· Respiration = series of oxidation reactions that
take place in living cells resulting in the release of
energy from organic respiratory substrates e.g
· Aerobic or anaerobic
· Obligate anaerobes = only carry out anaerobic
respiration because they are poisoned by the
presence of oxygen…read more

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