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Cell Membrane and Transport
The Fluid Mosaic Model
The Fluid Mosaic Model is a model that was conceived by S.J.Singer and Garth Nicolson in 1972 in
order to describe the structural features of the biological membranes. The plasma membrane is
described as a fluid because of its hydrophobic (hate of…

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The membrane also contains molecules of cholesterol.
The cell membrane is describes as a fluid mosaic model. Some of the proteins completely span the
membrane. These are called intrinsic proteins. Other proteins are found only on the inner surface or
on the outer surface of the membrane. These are called…

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Active transport
Is the movement of particles from an area of low concentration to high concentration (against the
concentration). This requires energy from ATP.
To remove all waste products.
To absorb all micro/rare nutrients e.g. in root cells.
The cells contain more/ high concentrations of minerals but they still want…

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Incipient plasmolysis ­ the cell membrane just starts to pull away from cell wall and
At this point = s


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