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Biological Therapies: Drugs and ECT

Psychosurgery is now an extremely rare biological treatment for psychological disorders, it involves
damaging the brain.

In the 1950s, the amygdala (which is linked to emotions and anger) was purposely damaged in
over-aggressive people to reduce their levels of violence.

Frontal Lobotomy was used…

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not be communicating properly with each other. ECT alters the way the chemical messengers are
acting in the brain which brings about recovery.



ECT can be effective, particularly for severe depression, which works when other treatments
do not. It can be lifesaving, especially when depression is so severe…

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All drugs used with treating schizophrenia have unpleasant side effects. For example,
long-term treatment with drugs such as Chlorpromazine often led to movement disorders
similar to Parkinson's disease. Clozapine lowers the numer of white blood cells and levels
have to be carefully monitered during treatment.
There are ethical issues involving…

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