biological therapies for schizophrenia: psychosurgery

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Psychology unit 4 schizophrenia
Biological therapies- psycho surgery
This is when a trans-orbital lobotomy occurs which is when a patient is knocked
unconscious with an ECT machine and an ice pick is knocked up underneath the
patients' eyelid and is randomly moved around to cut the connections between the
frontal lobe and the rest of the brain. The patient is then given dark glasses to
wear to hide the black eyes caused by the operation. This is very rarely done
today and when it is done an ice pick is no longer used, instead MRI scans and
lasers are used.
Effects are variable due to the random nature of the operation which
could cause other damage leading to personality changes causing a patient to
have a different personality than before the operation.
Instant results compared to other treatments such as drugs which can
take weeks to work. This means that psycho surgery is more appropriate
than other treatments.
Irreversible treatment so if it doesn't work nothing can be done about the
side effects, whereas with other treatments such as drugs it is possible to
change the medication slightly or stop it altogether.


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