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Biological Molecules
Biology Unit 2
Molecules, food and health…read more

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· Water is involved in many reactions in the body
such as hydrolysis reactions.
· It is also used in the body as a solvent, for
transport and to control temperature.
· The hydrogen bonds in water give it a high specific
heat capacity which prevents rapid temperature
changes in organisms.…read more

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· The polarity of water also makes it a good
solvent for ions used in biological reactions,
such as salts.…read more

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· Proteins are made from chains of amino acids
called polypeptides.
Amino acids are
joined together by
peptide bonds,
which are formed in
a condensation
reaction.…read more

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Proteins-Structure Levels
· Primary-the sequence of amino acids in the
polypeptide chain
· Secondary-hydrogen bonds form between the amino
acids in the chain and it either coils into and alpha
helix or folds into a beta pleated sheet.
· Tertiary-the coiled or folded chain forms further
bonds between different parts. For proteins of only
one polypeptide this is the final 3D structure.
· Quaternary-proteins made of different polypeptide
chains are held together by bonds, this gives these
proteins their final 3D structure.…read more

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Proteins-Structure Levels…read more

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