Biological model of abnormality


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Biological model of abnormality
Assumes that psychological illness is physical illness with physical causes.
The causes may be:
1) Genetic faulty genes are known to cause some diseases that have psychological
2) Neurotransmitters too much or too little of a particular neurotransmitter may produce
psychological disorders.
3) Infection disorders may be caused by infection. E.G. syphilis can cause general paresis
is a condition involving delusions and mood swings.
4) Brain injury accidental brain damage may produce psychological disorder.
Twin study-
Gottesman (1991)- conducted a meta-analysis of twin studies.
Method- carried out a meta-analysis of 40 twin studies.
Results- It was found that having an identical twin with
schizophrenia gave a 48% chance of developing the condition. This
reduced to 17% in non-identical twins.
Conclusion- Schizophrenia has a strong genetic basis.
Evaluation- field studies so are high in ecological validity. Because
identical twins share 100% of their genes, it might be expected that
both twins would always suffer from the same condition. However,
both twins developed schizophrenia in only half the case suggest
there is another factor involved.

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Adoption study
Heston (1966) conducted an adoption study
Method 47 adopted children whose biological mothers had
schizophrenia were studied. A control group contained 50 adopted
children whose biological mothers didn't suffer from schizophrenia. The
children were followed up as adults and were interviewed and given
intelligence and personality tests.
Results of the experiment group, 5 out of 47 became schizophrenic,
compared to 0 in the control group. Another 4 people in experiment
group were classified as borderline schizophrenic.…read more

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1) It had a scientific basis in biology
2) Lots of evidence shows that biological causes can
produce psychological symptoms.
3) Biological therapies have helped relieve conditions
that couldn't be treated well previously.
4) Ethical- person is not blamed for their disorders.
1) Ethical concerns- Drugs can cause addiction. The
effects of psychosurgery are irreversible.
2) Psychological disorders may not be linked to
physical problems.…read more


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