Biological explanations of Sz

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Sz runs in families- large research to Centres around the dopamine Structural abnormality shown
indicate genetic link. Evidence from family, hypothesis devised by Snyder. MRI studies. Enlarged ventricle
twin and adoption studies. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter fluid-filled spaces in middle bra
Family- Gottesman found Sz more common with states that Sz is caused by Especially in type II chronic Sz.
among biological relatives, closer degree either; Torrey- ventricles of Sz 15 time
of genetic relatedness- greater risk. 2 Sz Release of excess dopamine larger on average than normal
parents-46% concordances. Sibling with Excess dopamine receptors Evidence to support also
Sz-9% Oversensitivity of dop abnormities in frontal lobes,
Twin-MZ twins have 40.4% concordance, receptors hippocampus and temporal lob
DZ-7.4% Conflicting findings. Although
However, suggested that enviro Theory developed after found that studies provide conclusive
influences affect- MZ twins treated more antipsychotics drugs are effective evidence of structural
similarly so share more similar enviro in reducing symptoms and inhibit abnormalities, disagree on whi
Don't take into account influence of dopamine activity. regions of brain affected. Flaum
social-psychological factors Dopamine-releasing drug L-dopa no abnormality in temporal lob
Concordance rates differ in MZ from created Sz like symptoms in whereas Woodruf found signif
11-58% non-psychotic people. reductions.
Adoption-disentangle genetics and enviro. Theory revised by Davis as too MRI carried out on people
Tienari- 164 adoptees with Sz mother-67% simplistic- some pateitns had already diagnosed so unclear
developed Sz, compared to 2% control higher levels of dopamine others whether structural predispose
group did not. Clozapine- better treating or whether onset of Sz cause
Provide support for diathesis-stress Sz- blocked dopamine less. structural abnormalities.
model- inherit genetic predisposition but . Dop receptors inhibit glutamate- Based on animal- generalisat
ultimately enviro triggers determine glutamate root cause Dean- use or neruoleptics lea
whether individual develops disorder Cause and effect to structural abnormalities
Research into location of specific genes Doesn't explain why suffered
have not yet provided definite results given neropeltic drugs recover
only slowly when medication has
instant effect on dopamione
Can't be sole cause- drugs
ineffective for 30%
Reductionist- neglect family ect.
Inconclusive evidence- no
consistent findings

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