Biological Explanations and Therapies for Schizophrenia

This is a PowerPoint I have put together as a way to revise for my exam. I have however created with teachers in mind. It includes all of the AO1 stuff students need to know (I think) but there is little AO2. I would suggest that teachers go through this PowerPoint with students allowing them to make notes, and giving them time in between slides or at the end to draw their own evaluative points.

Students, I hope this helps with reivision. As mentioned above, there is little AO2 so it's up to you to exercise this skill independantly.

Enjoy all!

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Biological Explanations and
Therapies for Schizophrenia…read more

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Biological Explanations for
Genetic Factors
Brain Structure (Neuronatomy)
The Dopamine Hypothesis
(Chemical Imbalances)…read more

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Genetic Factors
According to Gottesman (1991) schizophrenia is an inherited illness caused by a faulty gene.
Concordance Rate (CR) ­ the likelihood of somebody developing schizophrenia
Twin Studies
Gottesman looked at mozygotic (MZ) (identical) and dyzagotic (DZ) (non-identical) twins.
He found a CR of 48% in MZ twins and CR of 17% in DZ twins.
Why are these figures so important? Although they show a relationship between
schizophrenia and genetics, this relationship is only suggested. As of yet there is no research
to suggest that there is one single faulty gene to cause schizophrenia. There exist many other
explanations as to why this illness develops.
Identical twins share 100% of their genes, therefore, according to the theory, there should
be a 100% CR in MZ twins. Likewise, there should be a 50% in DZ twins. The fact that this is
not would suggest that there are other contributing factors to schizophrenia (the nurture of
the individual)
In criticism of this however, the same CR was found in cases where the twins were brought
up apart.
A more current study taking place in 2002 (Cardno) found a significantly smaller CR, with
only CR of 26.5% in MZ and no CR in DZ twins.…read more

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Genetic Factors
Adoption Studies
Tienari looked at 155 adopted children in Findland.
For children which schizophrenic biological mothers
there was a 10% CR. For those without schizophrenic
mothers there was a mere 1%.
Family Studies
Gottesman discovered that if both of your parents
were schizophrenic you would have a CR of 46%. The
closer the relative, the higher CR rate.…read more

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