biological explanation for obesity- evolutionary approach

biological explanation for obesity-evolutionary approach

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Biological explanation of obesity-evolutionary approach
One biological explanation for obesity is the evolutionary theory. According to the
evolutionary approach human behaviour can be linked back to how it may have been adaptive
in our ancestral past EEA. The thrifty gene hypothesis states that in the EEA it would have
been an advantage to store excess food as fat. This is because in the EEA primitive humans
existed in small hunter-gatherer family based groups where food was scarce. This means that
it would have been adaptive to gorge on food while it was present and then store it as fat
for a later date when food could not be found and therefore avoid starvation. This could
explain obesity today as if we are genetically predisposed to gorge on food when it's
present then in today's society where food is readily available people are likely to become
obese due to the continuous storing of excess fat.


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