Biological approach>>gender development

Key terms and points on the biological approach to gender development

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Biological approach to
gender development
PSBY1 >>Gender Development
Tiffany George - Fontaine
This is part of the PSBY1 gender development spec.

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What are atypical sex chromosomes?
Atypical sex chromosomes are any combination of sex chromosomes other than XX or XY is atypical.
Klinefelters and turners syndrome are both examples of atypical sex chromosomes conditions.
What is the Klinefelters syndrome?
Klinefelters syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra X chromosome in males; therefore an
individual with Klinefelters 23rd pair of chromosomes will look like this XXY.
How many people can have this condition?
1 in 500 males can have Klinefelters.…read more

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What is C.A.H.?
CAH is Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, it is a rare condition that can affect both males and females.
CAH causes humans to have heightened levels of the male hormones.
Are their any studies to support CAH?
Berenbaum and Hinez did a study on the CAH condition.
What did berenbaum and Hinez find?
B&H found that girls are seen as tomboys, they prefer boys toys and show superior abilitiy in spatial
activities, this was done by comparing CAH girls with CAH boys.…read more


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