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Biological approach:

Brain structure
Infection or injury

Brain structure:
In schizophrenic patients they found that the gap between their
ventricles in the brain were much bigger than a normal persons,
this suggests that the space is the cause of the schizophrenia,
which is an abnormality.

Infection or injury:…

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Research methods:
- Brain scans (fmri and pet)
- Scientific case studies
- Correlation studies
- Experiments

Evaluation of biological approach:
+VE ­ explains genetic problems, makes it useful for
further research into other disorders such as dyslexia,
and could help recovery of these disorders
+VE ­ brain scans have…

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such as the heart this leads to a decreased heart
rate and blood vessels don't contract as easily
meaning reduced blood pressure so less stress on
the heart. The person feels less anxious and

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): used for severely
depressed people and people on suicide watch, usually

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taking them. BZ's were introduced to replace
another drug which was found to be addictive and
only recently has the problems with BZ's becoming
addictive has occurred, even in patients with low
doses. Ashton found this and has suggested they
only be taken for a maximum of 4 weeks.


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-VE ­ ECT can cause possible physical side effects
and some cases psychological. Datto found it can
cause impaired memory, cardiovascular changes
and headaches. The DOH report found 30% of
patients who received treatment in the past 2
years suffered from permanent fear and anxiety.


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