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responsible for fine
motor movements
and thinking.
Cerebral Cortex:
folded and grey. This
is the region of the
brain responsible for
higher cognitive

The biological
approach has two assumptions. They are:

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General Adaption Syndrome.
Selyes research such on rats lead him to conclude that when animals are exposed to
stress, they display a universal response.

There are three stages that lead to illness, thus leading stress to illness.

Stage one: Alarm Reaction.
The hypothalamus in the brain triggers the production of…

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History of psychosurgery:
psychosurgery goes way back to the ancient practise of trephining. Holes of roughly
4cm in diameter were cut in the skull of a living person to release evil spirits.
In the 1940s and 1950s, a new form of psychosurgery was pioneered by Egas Moniz.
He heard…

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More recently, neurosurgeons have developed far more precise ways of surgically
treating mental disorders such as OCD, bipolar disorder, depression and eating
disorders that fail to respond in psychotherapy or other forms of treatment.
Neurosurgeons nowadays use brain scanning, such as MRI scans to locate exact points
within the brain.…


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