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Biological Approach…read more

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Biological approach
This approach focuses on the way in which our
biological make-up influences our thoughts and
behaviour.…read more

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Genes influence behaviour.
Biological structures such as the brain and nervous
system influence behaviour.
Brain chemistry influences behaviour.
Behaviour has evolved ­ this means that behaviours
that help us survive are more likely to be passed on to
future generations.
There is behavioural continuity between species, so it
makes sense to study animal species and generalise to
human behaviour.…read more

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Influence of genes
23 pairs of chromosomes.
Made up of DNA.
DNA carries units of information called genes.
Influences every aspect of body structure and function.…read more

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Research on genetics is usually carried out on
non-human species, such as rats and mice…read more

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Psychological characteristics thought
to be influenced by genes
Personality (introvert vs. extrovert)
Schizophrenia and depression
Male and female differences e.g. aggression.…read more

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