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Biological Approach
"The brain game"
This approach is really key
Brain, hormones, psychosurgery!
Assumption 1 Behaviour can be explained in terms of different areas of the brain.
Many different areas of the human brain have been identified. They are specialised to certain
functions, such as the...
The cerebral cortex: covers the surface of the brain and is folded and grey in colour. It is
responsible for higher cognitive functions. It is divided into four lobes. The most important lobe
is the...
Frontal lobe: is responsible for fine motor movement and thinking. Other lobes include the...
Occipatal lobe: which is associated with vision.
Underneath the cortex there are various subcortial structures such as the...
Hypothalamus: which integrates the ANS. (important in stress and emotion ­ Selye's GAS)

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Assumption 2 Behaviour can be explained in terms of neurotransmitters.
Neurons are electrically excitable cells that form the
basis of the nervous system. The flexibility of the nervous system is
enhanced by having many branches at the end of each neuron called
dendrites, so that each neuron connects with many others.
One neuron communicates with another neuron at a
synapse, where the message is relayed by chemical messengers
(neurotransmitters).…read more

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Stress is a good example of a behaviour explained by the biological
approach. When under pressure with more being demanded than your
perceived ability to cope, especially when the demands are threatening
your wellbeing, stress occurs. A response is triggered to protect
survival, for example in primitive conditions of fight or flight.
Hans Selye (1936, 1950) did some research which lead him to
conclude that when animals are exposed to unpleasant stimuli, they
display a universal response.…read more

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Aims and contexts Procedures Findings and
Selye worked in a
hospital and noted
Selye exposed A typical syndrome was
observed throughout
that all the patients rats to various Selye's study, the
symptoms of which were
shared a common set noxious independent to the nature
of symptoms of the damaging agent or
including aches and agents, the type of drug employed.
The syndrome developed
pains and loss of including: in three stages.
appetite, no matter
what their actual cold, surgical 1.…read more

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Psychosurgery ­ Biological Therapy
Views on psychosurgery tend to be extreme. There are those
who are strongly in favour and those who are against it, regarding it as
brain butchery. However, severe mental illness is extremely
disabling. Is it better to use methods that bring relief only sometimes, or
to learn to tolerate mental problems? Psychosurgery is a surgical
procedure performed on the brain to treat mentally disordered
behaviour.…read more

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OCD. If it doesn't work, it can be turnd off. Mayberg et al (2005) found that
there was a 6 in 8 remission rate when used to treat severe depression.…read more


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