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Outline and evaluate the biological and psychological therapies for schizophrenia
(24 Marks)
Biological therapies such as ECT and drugs assume that the symptoms of schizophrenia (SZ)
are the result of physiological abnormalities. Psychiatrists have found that antipsychotic
drug therapies are some of the most effective methods of treating schizophrenic patients.
Conventional antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine are used to combat the positive
symptoms of SZ. These drugs reduce the symptoms of SZ by binding to dopamine receptors,
particularly D2 receptors, therefore blocking their action.…read more

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Patients thus may be set behavioural assignments with the
aim of improving their general level of functioning.
Gould et al (2001) found that all seven studies in their meta-analysis reported a statistically
significant decrease in the positive symptoms of schizophrenia after treatment. Therefore,
this demonstrates that CBT can be used effectively as a therapy for the treatment of
schizophrenia. However, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of CBT alone as most
patients are undergoing medication treatment whilst the studies are being carried out.…read more


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