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Biological Explanations of Substance Misuse Learning Explanations of Substance Misuse
When drugs are taken, it alters the availability of one or more Social Learning Theory:
neurotransmitter and therefore has an impact on mood and/or Substance misuse is learned via role models (someone you identify
behaviour. with).
Depressant drugs slow down…

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Biological Explanation Learning Explanation
Strengths Strengths
Evidence for the explanation is visible e.g. brain scans. It therefore has I explain why different cultures see misuse differently; as people make
validity. take drugs to seem cool, in order to gain reinforcement socially.
Animal studies have shown how receptors are altered by…

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Compare (Similarities) Contrast (Differences)
Both approaches are studies with experiments due to the What occurs in the brain is hard to study in real terms,
fact variables need to be controlled. However, this impacts whereas social learning theory is evident when we look at
heavily on the validity. social situations…


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