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Biodiversity Hot Spots: South America ­ Peru
Peru has over 84 distinct ecosystems, from
staggering mountain peaks to beyond the
shores of the Pacific.
To protect these ecosystems CIPeru works
with local groups to high levels of
Private sector involvement in sustainable
environmental efforts is a top priority for
example the partnership with Citibank Peru
allows customers to choose "paperless"
bank statements the bank then donates all
saved expenses to efforts to protect species
that further rally public support. Partnerships
also promote business opportunities with
small, local enterprises in buffer zones that
surround areas of high biological importance.
The VilcabambaAmboró Conservation Corridor (VACC) was created to conserve
the tropical Andes region in Peru and Bolivia of 30 million hectares. The nucleus of the
corridor forms a chain of 19 protected areas that contribute to the survival of thousands
of species.
In the VACC, CI projects include:
Scientific research Strengthening institutions and local
Establishing management plans for Establishing agroforestry systems
Protected Areas
Conserving the Brazil nut Promoting sustainable development
through local monitoring of conservation,
diversity and development.
In August 2007, Peru declared the creation of Ichigkat Muja National Park, which:
Protects a valuable mountain forest ecosystem in the eastern Andes that is both
an important Amazonian river watershed and a sacred ancestral territory of the
Awajún and Wampis indigenous peoples.
Integrates the management of natural areas with their socioeconomic, political,
and cultural surroundings.
Given the history of conflict between the two countries, the area serves as a
"peace park" to foster collaboration between the people of Peru and Ecuador.


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