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Biodiversity Consequences of losing a species:
Biodiversity is defined as the number of species on Earth The cost of losing species id very great to human because;-
- species are a source of food
Biodiversity Hotspots: - species can contain useful medicinal properties or useful chemicals
Ecosystems that are known as biodiversity hotspots include;- - species can have disease-resistant genes which can be used on
- rainforests crops.
- tropical islands
Species Conservation:
However, these areas and many others are being destroyed rapidly to make As a result of our endangering many species to the point of extinction, humans
way for increases in the human population and human activity. have realised (perhaps a little too late) the full extent of their actions and the
need to remedy this.
Natural Extinction:
It is possible for extinction to occur naturally, and this is described as Therefore, species conservation programmes have been set up to preserve
background rate of extinction. our wildlife numbers.
This is usually around 1/1,000,000 species every year.
Extinction caused by Human Activity:
While the natural extinction of species takes place in the background of history,
the current extinction rates are around 1,000 times higher than the background
extinction rates.
The main cause of animal extinction in most recent times has been human
demand, either for animal resources or natural resources that can be found in
animal habitats.
These demands cause results such as deforestation and over-fishing.
Earlier Inhabitants:
The early inhabitants of the Earth such as dinosaurs or tree ferns are now
This was due to the changes in;-
- climate
- biotic environment (the sources of food/predator numbers)
- Geological environment.
Endangered Species:
Many species, both plant and animal, present on the Earth today are in danger
of becoming extinct.
The main reason for this is the increased levels of human activity. For
example, there is more;-
- over-hunting by humans
- loss of habitat due to deforestation and building
- competition from introduced (alien) species
- pollution
- drainage of wetlands.


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