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Bio Psychology
Lauran Mcdonough…read more

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A sensory neuron carries
messages from the
receptors in the skin to
the central nervous
Myelin Sheath
Receptors in
the skin…read more

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A motor neuron carries
messages from the
central nervous system
to the muscles and
organs in the body
Motor end plates on
muscle fibres…read more

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A Interneuron
carries messages
from the sensory
neuron to the
motor neuron…read more

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· Dendrites: Receive information and conduct
nerve impulses towards the cell body.
· Axon: Protects nerve impulses from the cell
body toward other neurons or effectors.
· Myelin Sheath: Insulates the axon and
prevents loss of charged ions.…read more

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Synaptic transmission
1. Nerve impulse travels
down the axon and reaches
the pre synaptic terminal.
2. The arrival triggers the
release of
3. These must be absorbed by
the post synaptic terminal
immediately before they
are reabsorbed by the pre
synaptic terminal or broken
down by enzymes.…read more

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