Bills for women's suffrage (British Depth Study)

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Bills for Women's Suffrage
January 1906 ­ New Liberals and 450 out of 650 MPs are in favour of women's suffrage
March 1907 ­ Bill introduced for suffrage ­ but is delayed by opponents and run's out of
February 1908 ­ A new bill is passed on second reading, but gets no further
March 1909 ­ A radical bill giving votes to most men and women wins a majority on second
reading but gets no further
November 1909 ­ a general election is called and the suffrage bill gets dropped
June 1910 ­ The Conciliation Bill gets passed
November 1910 ­ Asquith calls another general election and the bill is dropped
May 1911 ­ Asquith says that he will carry the conciliation bill through in 1912
November 1911 ­ Asquith and Liberals withdraw the support for the bill and draw up a new
one to give men suffrage ­ Asquith says that the MPs can amend the bill to include women if
they want
March 1912 ­ Second reading of the bill was defeated
June 1912 ­ Bill introduced again but is postponed
Early 1913 ­ attempts are made to include women in the bill ­ but the speaker wouldn't
May 1913 ­ A new private members bill was put through for women suffrage but was


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