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The South Wales Coalfield
Blaenavon lies on the NE edge of the South Wales Coalfield. Here the
Coal Measures are much closer to the surface than in the centre of the
Coalfield.…read more

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The Afon Lwyd Valley
Big Pit is located in the North-Eastern corner of the South Wales
Coalfield on the hillside to the west of Afon Lwyd. The river, which
rises just above Blaenavon, has until recently been used as a
subterranean drainage channel for a number of underground water
courses from the numerous old workings in the area.…read more

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The river has now been diverted into a new water course at surface
level and rejoins its original course to the East of Big Pit at a point
known as the River Arch.
Arch…read more

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It was the opening of the Blaenavon Ironworks
in 1789 that created the first consistent demand
for coal in this area.…read more

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Twnel Pwlldu
Tunnel Mouth was
originally worked to supply
ironstone for the Blaenavon
This level driven
northwards through the
mountain later became
known as the Pwlldu
Tunnel and formed part of
a tramroad carrying iron
(and limestone) to the
ironworks.…read more

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