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Sadima Khatun…read more

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How Berlin was split up
The black line
shows where the
blockade was
Potsdam and Yalta
divided Germany
between wartime
allies…read more

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West Berlin became more prosperous than
East Berlin
Western Germany had better living standards
West Berlin introduced new currency, they
hoped it would stabilise the economy and aid
June 1948 blockade put in place…read more

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Stalin took reparations from East Berlin
Whereas Britain, France and USA helped west
Berlin instead of taking reparations
This is what led to west Berlin being more
prosperous than East Berlin
Then West Berlin introduced another
currency which they hoped would boost the
economy even more
This was the Last straw for Stalin…read more

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Road, railways and canal links severed
The wall stopped East Berliners from going to
the west
East Berliners who had jobs in West Berlin
could not work…read more

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Britain, USA and France airlifted supplies to
Western Germany
The operation was expensive but the people
managed to survive
Mid 1949 the blockade was lifted…read more


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