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1. It upholds traditional beliefs about how society should be organised

2. It stabilises society and maintains the status quo.

Religion's conservative beliefs
They have traditional conservative beliefs about moral issues and many of them
oppose changes that would allow individuals more freedom in personal and sexual
They uphold…

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Hinduism and Confucianism
Weber was NOT arguing that Calvinist beliefs were the cause of modern capitalism,
but simply that they were one of its causes.
Argues that ancient China and India were materially more advanced than Europe, but
capitalism did not take off there.
The failure of capitalism due to…

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The New Christian Right
They wish to make abortion, homosexuality and divorce ILLEGAL.
Believes in the traditional family and traditional gender roles.
Unsuccessful in achieving its aims, Bruce suggests:
- the "Moral Majority" was never a majority but 15 % of the population.
- campaigners find it difficult to cooperate…


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