Beliefs in society

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Beliefs in society
1. Religion refers to the contribution it makes to social integration, rather
than a specific belief in God or the supernatural---Durkheim
2. Religion provides a source of meaning, it provides answers to difficult
questions in life to maintain stability---Malinowski
3. Religion promotes solidarity by performing psychological functions for
individuals to help them deal with stress--Malinowski
4. Civil religion unifies America as it integrates society in a way that
individual religions cannot; it claims loyalty of all Americans which
individuals fail to do--Bellah
5. Religion acts as an opiate to dull the pain of exploitation. It masks the
pain rather than treats the cause(capitalism)--Marx
6. Religion may oppress women but is not the direct cause of their
subordination; this is a result of a long standing patriarchal
7. Religion can be a tool to gain greater freedom and respect for women
e.g. Islam--Woodhead
8. Calvinistic beliefs helped to bring about major social change,
specifically the emergence of modern capitalism in Northern Europe in
and 17th
the 16th centuries--Weber

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The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s to end segregation is
evidence of the relationship between religion and social change---Bruce
10. Western society has undergone a process of rationalisation in the
last few centuries. This has in turn replaced a religious worldview with
a rational scientific outlook of life--Weber
11. Religion is not declining but taking on a new and privatised form.
People are "believing without belonging"; they hold religious beliefs
but do not go to church.---Davie
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New age religions include yoga and tarot card readings…read more


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