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Belfast Confetti
Ciaran Carson…read more

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What's it about?
The Irish War of Independence was fought by the Irish
Republican Army (IRA) against the British soldiers who
were trying to keep Ireland under British control. The war
was fought between 1919 and July 1921 ,the war ceased
as a peace treaty was worked out. It began because of
the 1916 rising held in Dublin. The men who fought the
British soldiers that day wanted Britain to move their army
out of Ireland and for Ireland to be its own country. In
1919 fighting started. By 1921, the IRA had beaten the
Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and Ireland had no police.
In London, the British government began to row over
Ireland. The war went on until 1922 when Irish leaders
and British MPs made up a peace treaty.…read more

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About the author.
· Poet and novelist Ciaran Carson was born in
Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1948. After
graduating from Queen's University, Belfast,
he worked for the Arts Council of Northern
Ireland until 1998. He won an Eric Gregory
Award in 1978…read more

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Spelling and structures within
the poem
·Belfast Confetti consists of a variety of complex
vocabulary; this is used to emphasise the amount of
complexity within the war. This is because even if he used
simpler terms we would still understand the poem.
However, this can also convey the futility of the conflict,
which is the main theme of most of poems within this
section of the anthology.
·Carson also uses a variety of abrupt sentences, these help
to convey how quickly events took place during this conflict.
·He uses words for punctuation rather than the symbol, this
helps to create a dramatic effect as it makes the reader
question why he is doing so. For example he uses
`hyphenated' instead of ` ­ '. This uses personification to
create a dramatic effect.…read more

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Spelling and structures within
the poem
· The form of the poem is a Dramatic Monologue.
This is because the writer is writing in the first
person, but gives an insight to his own opinion. This
is also conveyed by the use of words for vocabulary
shown on the previous slide.
· Ciaran uses enjambment (the running on of lines) to
convey a serious tone, this is shown in the structure
of a story. This again helps to emphasise the
dramatic theme of the monologue.…read more

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Suddenly as the riot squad moved in, it was
exclamation marks,
Nuts, bolts, nails, car-keys. A fount of broken
type. And the
Itself - an askerisk on the map. This hyphenated
line, a burst
of rapid fire...…read more

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