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Roles in Team…read more

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Doing and Acting
Implementer ­ plan a practical and efficient
working strategy and carry it out as closely
as possible to the plan
Shaper ­ Challenge the team and individual
members to ensure there is no loss of focus
Finishers ­ Polish and scrutinise the work at
the end of the task to ensure high standards…read more

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Thinking/Problem Solving
Plant - generates ideas and if an innovative
solution to a problem is needed then they are
the person to ask
Monitor/evaluator - Provide a logical eye and
make impartial judgements. They find a
solution when the group is split
Specialist ­ Has important inside knowledge…read more

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Coordinator ­ Focus on the objectives of the
team and delegate the work
Team worker ­ Help the team to group and
identify the objectives
Resource/investigator ­ Provide inside
knowledge for the team so the task works in
the outside world.…read more

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Interpersonal Skills
Role type Description Characteristics
Likes to get on with the team's task(s) Dutiful, practical and quite cautious;
and sort out practical details predictable and sometimes inflexible
Encourages team members to make their
Calm, self-confident and supportive;
Coordinator point but keeps the team going in the
does not get involved in matters of detail
right direction
Provides drive and energy to the team's
Outgoing, dynamic, challenging;
Shaper work, but can try to influence it with
impatient and sometimes provocative
their own views
Offers lots of imaginative ideas or Creative thinker, often unorthodox; likes
specialist knowledge to the task to work alone and not very practical
Provides lots of information and has lots Highly communicative, enthusiastic and
Resource investigator
of useful contacts curious; easily bored
Likes to observe and measure how well Prudent, hard-headed and a good judge;
the team are doing at times rather unemotional
Does things to keep up team spirit or Socially orientated, sensitive and
morale responsive; sometimes indecisive
Makes sure that all tasks are finished off Painstaking, orderly, conscientious; can
completely be anxious and find it difficult to `let go'…read more


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