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Citizenship Studies…read more

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Cultural Traditions
People from many different cultures live in Britain. Being
British is about having a sense of belonging to British
society e.g joining in with traditions:
· Royal things such as Trooping the Colour, the Queen's
Speech and Royal Ascot are all very British.
· Parliament has traditions too, like MPs saying `aye' or no
when voting.
· Bonfire Night
· Dancing around the Maypole on May Day
· Pancake Day…read more

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Value Systems
Certain values are also important for the
British way of life.
The Union Jack is an The British Bulldog is
example of a patriotic another patriotic symbol
symbol of Britain as well of Britain. "Rather."
as being our flag.…read more

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1. Personal freedom, a basic
Personal freedom means being free to make your
own decisions & choices. You can, for example:
choose your own career, how to dress and how to
spend your leisure time etc.
However, this freedom has to be controlled with
rules so that other people's rights aren't reduced
by your choices.…read more

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2. Respecting & tolerating
Everyone is different ­ especially in the
multicultural society that British people live in.
There is a lot of diversity.
Being British is about respecting the freedoms of
others and tolerating diversity and not
discriminating against other people who are
different.…read more

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3. Equal opportunities
In Britain, we need to believe that everyone has an
equal chance in life.
People have fought for many years for equality.
Some examples include equal rights for women
and gay rights. There are many more...
People and companies can be taken to court if
they discriminate.…read more

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