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Behavioural approach:

This model concentrates only on behaviours; it suggests that all
behaviours are learnt therefore all abnormal behaviours are also
learnt. Classical or operant conditioning can do this. Behaviour can
be internal (experiencing a particular feeling) or external (acting in
a certain way)

1. Classical conditioning
2. Operant conditioning…

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Bulimia, the person feels guilt and disgust when eating so
throws up, this acts as a negative reinforcer as the feelings
are removed
Anorexia, the person has a desire to lose weight or have more
control over their lives, stopping eating gives them this
therefore is a positive reinforcer


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Systematic desensitisation:
Therapy aims to make the patient relaxed instead of anxious and
afraid in the presence of a phobic stimulus. Relaxation and fear
cannot be experienced simultaneously, this is called reciprocal

Step 1 ­ to be taught relaxation techniques
Step 2 ­ find out how afraid the person…


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