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The poet is looking at a photograph of her
mother as a teenager, ten years before she (the
daughter) was born.
She describes how her mother is laughing with
two of her friends.
She realises that this is a part of her mother's
life before she had even thought of having a
baby. Her mother, like all teenagers was
devoted to having a good time.…read more

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1. What does the poem's title suggest? How might this be
seen to be different from the actual poem's content?
This poem goes between the present and the past.
1. In 2 different colours highlight or underline examples of
the present and the past.
2. Who is talking in the poem? Who to? Find and highlight
examples within your work.…read more

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Think about how the language contributes to the mood
of the poem.
Here are some points to consider:
There are many references to her mother as happy
and bright - 'you laugh / the bold girl winking in
Portobello' ... 'you sparkle and waltz and laugh'
Life back then is seen as very glamorous. Her mother
is likened to Marilyn (Monroe) and goes to a dance
where a glitter ball hangs - 'the thousand eyes'. Her
mother dreams of 'fizzy, movie tomorrows', and she
imagines her mother meeting a boyfriend 'under the
tree, with its lights'.
Now circle all of the onomatopoeic words that add to
the lively and energetic feel of the poem.…read more

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What picture does this poem give of the relationship between
mother and daughter? Find and highlight examples in the poem.
·Do you find anything interesting in the way the poet presents
the parent and her child here?
·Why do you think Carol Ann Duffy wrote this poem?…read more

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