Beach Quality Survey example - Assessing environmental quality

An example of a beach quality survey I produced myself which could be used to assess environmental quality of a beach.

Plus, 2 different types of scales that can turn subjective data into objective data (bipolar and ordinal scale)

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AS Geography 29th April 2010
Fieldwork & Research
Beach Quality Survey ­ Assessing Environmental Quality
Beach 1 2 3 4 5 Totals Allow comparison of
Feature quality of different
Beach size features you are
Natural assessing as well as
Beauty concluding which is
Safety the best quality of
Degree of beach. When
sand features are
Service identified as being
provision low, management
Water can then be focused
Quality on the particular
Coastal area.
Allows us to
compare the overall Allows the beaches
quality of different to be placed in rank
beaches order
Qualitative (Opinion) ­ Subjective
Quantitative (Number) ­ Objective
We've got to turn qualitative data into quantitative data.
There are 2 ways we can do this:
Prompt /
1) Ordinal scale Quantitative Descriptors:
2) Bipolar Scale
Chris Cartwright


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