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Battle for the Biosphere

What is the biosphere?

The biosphere is the zone where life is found. It extends 3m below ground and 30cm above ground
and up to 200m deep in the oceans.

What is a biome?

A biome is a very large ecosystem. The rainforests are one biome.…

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Battle for the Biosphere

Deforestation Commercial logging destroys forest unless Logging in the rainforests of the
sustainable forestry principles are used. It Amazon and Indonesia.
affects rates of flooding, soil erosion and
humus formation.
Conversion to Commercial intensive farming destroys or Wheat farming in the American
farmland or alters the…

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Battle for the Biosphere

Examples of local and national (UK) management to conserve biomes

Act Local

National policies can be delivered in a local area, involving local people. For example, Biodiversity
Action Plans (BAPs) protect natural vegetation in Great Britain. These plans act at local level . They
arose from…


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