Basque's separatism notes

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Separatism within and across nation boundaries ­ The Basques
The Basques are a native ethnic group who primarily
inhabit an area traditionally known as the Basque Country,
a region that is located around the western end of the
Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. It consists of
seven provinces in a small part of northern Spain and the
south of France.
Reasons for Separatism:
As the Basque Country, spreads across the border of both Spain and France, It is difficult
to know which areas belong to what country. This is the problem that has caused conflict
as considerable controversy has centered around who owns three of the four
Spanishbased provinces; Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya. The Basques claim that the land
is theirs as they insist that they the original native settlers and that their language;
Euskara, has been around for longer.
Attitudes of different people Outcome?
Who? What is their viewpoint? Creation of Euskadi ta Askatasuna
For For Against (ETA) in the 1950's which was a
ETA a Basque The Spanish proindependence Basque party
proindepend Nationalist Government ­ run by students who used
ence Basque Party three provinces violence and conflict to get their
party run by The Basques were claimed by the point across and to try and make
students who nationalist Spanish, They have a change. Starting in 1968, ETA
used party was since been ruled by murdered security forces,
violence and then founded Spanish Monarchs members of the Spanish
conflict to in 1895, as and Spanish Police. government and other civilians
get their an aim to who were against
point across push for proindependence.
and to try independenc
and make a e away from Against Winners Losers
change. the Spanish General Francisco Who? Why? Who Why?
Government Franco General The Spanish The Basques
Francisco Franco ­ and ETA ­
who was in power Refuse to have not been
at the time, believed discuss the granted with
deeply in the unity issue and have full
of state and only granted independence
considered these some and so have
Basque separatist independence therefore not
movements an act to the Basques. been
of treason. successful. The
Spanish also
refuse to
discuss the

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Separatism within and across nation boundaries ­ The Basques
Processes which operate to resolve conflict? Breadth examples?
In 2006, ETA declared a permanent truce. However, Chechnya (Russia) The Kurds
even today, the conflict isn't over as many Basques (Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq)
are still seeking independence and it is one issue
that the Spanish government refuse to discuss.…read more


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