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Basics of production

Industrial Location

This is the decision that a business or an industry makes concerning its geographical placing in a
country. There are many factors which influence the precise location of a business or an industry,

The cost and the availability of land. Land in an urban…

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International location

International location of industry is also a very important factor in today's global business
environment. As well as the reasons for location mentioned earlier, there are a number of other
factors that a business will need to consider before choosing a foreign country in which to locate.


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although larger businesses which specialize in 'oneoff' products (e.g. bridges) may also use this
production method.

Batch production

This method of production involves the manufacture of an item being divided into a number of small
tasks. A collection (or 'batch') of items each have one of these tasks completed, and…

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All businesses need to develop longterm strategies, and an important part of this strategy must be
the continual development and launch of new products, or amendments made to existing products.
This is the purpose of research and development (R&D).

R&D can basically be defined as:

'Carrying out extensive scientific research…


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