Basic Sentence Types

Basic Descriptions of simple, compound and complex sentences

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Basic Sentence Types
Simple Sentences
Consist of one main/independent clause
E.g. I did my homework last night
A clause is made up of 5 possible elements
Compound Sentences
Consist of two or more independent clauses that are joined by a coordinating conjunction
E.g. I did my homework and I had a bath last night
Coordinating conjunctions include `and', `but' and `so'
Complex Sentences
Consist of one independent clause and one or more subordinate clauses. The subordinate
clause is linked by the use of a subordinating conjunction
E.g. After I finished my homework, I had a bath last night
Subordinating conjunctions include `after', `because', `unless', `except', `as', `when', `since'
and `until'


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