Baron-Cohen 1997

This shows a breif description of the baron cohen study on the theory of mind.

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Baron-Cohen et al. 1997
Carried out previous test on autistic
Sally-Anne test
Showed children did not have theory
of mind skills
However didn't help with more
advanced adult brain
Study was to see if high functioning
adults with autism would be
impaired on the theory-of-mind task
called the "Eye task"
Method Quasi experiment
Participants (independent Variable)
Grou PTTS (Size of group) Mean age Men / women Selection

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Baron-Cohen et al. 1997
1 High functioning 28.6 13/3 National autistic
autistics (16) society mag + clinics
2 Normal (50) 30 25/25 Subject panel in uni
3 Tourettes syndrome (10) 27.…read more

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Baron-Cohen et al.…read more


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