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Baron-Cohen (1997)


1. To provide support for the cognitive explanation of autism; that autistic adults lack Theory of
2. To investigate whether females would be better than males on this test of Theory of Mind

Information on Experiment

This was a quasi-experiment.

The design was repeated measured


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Eyes Task; 25 standardised black and white photos of eyes
Shown for 3 seconds
Forced choice between two mental state terms
Asked, `Which word best describes what this person is feeling or thinking?'
Strange Stories Task; used to test concurrent validity of the Eyes Task
Control Tasks; Gender recognition…

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The lack of theory of mind is a core deficit in autistic in autistic spectrum disorders
They also explain that poor performance on the Eyes Task could not be due to low IQ (as the
participants in Group 1 were in the normal or above range of intelligence) OR…


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