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CASE STUDY…read more

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BANGLADESH · Where is it? Southern Asia, bordering the
Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India
· Population: 156,118 (ranked 7th in
· LEDC…read more

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GENERAL · The reduction in water depth due to
FLOODING siltation increases the chances of
flooding, as the capacity of channels
are greatly reduced.
· In addition, Bangladesh is situated
near the Himalayas, therefore they
are already affected by the amount
of snowmelt they receive, as it runs
into the rivers.
· Bangladesh also experiences
monsoon period which brings strong
winds, cyclones and heavy rain.…read more

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Social Impacts
· As a direct consequence of
flooding many houses are
destroyed causing widespread
problems for the community.
· In the 2004 flood, six million
people had to build makeshift
shelters where they continued
to live in after the flood.…read more

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Over 600 people have died
with most deaths caused
by drowning snakebites or
waterborne diseases.…read more

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