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LECD Case Study…read more

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Physical Causes
· Most of the country is a huge floodplain and delta for the Rivers
Ganges and Brahmaputra.
· 70% of the total land area is less than one metre above sea level.
· Rivers, lakes and swamps cover 10% of the land area.
· Tropical cyclones and storm waves cause heavy rain and costal
· Snow melts in Himalayas in Spring/Summer.
· Heavy monsoon rain falls particularly over the uplands
including the Himalayas.…read more

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More Causes
· Floods occur almost every summer.
· Surface water makes the delta and flood plain
challenging environments for people.
· Padi rice is the main crop which is grown.
· 140 million people live in Bangladesh.
· 13th September 2004, was the worst flood for 50 years
when 350mm of rain fell in 24 hours.…read more

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Immediate Effects
· Over ½ of Bangladesh was covered.
· 760 people were killed immediately.
· 8.5 million homes were destroyed.…read more

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Long Term Effects
· Over 1 million children suffered from
malnutrition and disease in the following
· $2/3 billion was spent on industry and roads.
· Emergency food was needed until next years
harvest.…read more

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Flood Prevention
· Is minimal as is in an LEDC
· They rely on the flood for fertile soil ­ grow
crops e.g. padi rice
· Money can be used in better ways.…read more

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