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Bangalore…read more

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Reasons that Bangalore has attracted FDI and
become the home of IT outsourcing
· Most Indians speak English either as their first or second language
· India has a growing number of high skilled graduates
· Indian workers are prepared to work unsociable hours (night shifts to coincide with working hours in Europe and US).
· Indian pay is lower
· They have strong historical links with UK and other commonwealth countries- the Empire
· They are a democracy
· Bangalore is home to some of India's best universities e.g. Indian Institute of Science
· India has improving transport and communication links
· India is an emerging market
· Reputation and growing success
· Geographical location near to Europe, Middle East and East Asia…read more

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Socio- Economic impacts
· Exclusive gated communities that cost $2 million
· 13,000 millionaires are located in Bangalore
· Development saw the rise of a middle class
· Housing has become more expensive- 2 bed apartments now cost $300
· The work ethic of children in Bangalore is strong- children at age 7 do 2
hours a night of home work…read more

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Socio- Economic impacts
· Washing machines are now an item that is accessible to most people
· Shopping centres have opened as a result of development- they contain
Western shops, globalization, global capitalism
· Men and women now go out drinking at the weekend- change in culture
· Religion is still important…read more

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Environmental impacts
· The amount of lakes that are located in Bangalore has reduced (it used to be 100 now only 50
· Bangalore has grown in size from 50 sqkm to 450 sqkm
· There are limited funds to remain the lakes- only 17 healthy lakes remain
· There are problem with water supply- people are limited and provided with water based on
· Modern infrastructure constantly requires water
· Water only comes every few days for a few days
· Poorer areas have no access to clean water, they are provided with tanks that serve 1000 people…read more

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Environmental impacts
· Half of the water that is lost is through leaks
· 80% of the water is from the Canvery river and the demand is 50% high than
that currently supplied
· Power cuts are now common- demand has increased
· The increasing amount of transport- means that roads are struggling to cope
· Urban sprawl- rural to urban migration- infrastructure can't keep up with the
increase in people- this is due to SEZ's being introduced (reduced tax)
· 3 million vehicles are now present, which has led to an increase in pollution- 2500
road deaths in 2009- this is now increasing as more people have cars…read more

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