Bam Earthquake - Case Study

Case Study of Bam 2003

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Bam, Iran, 2003 (LEDC ­ Earthquake)
Arabian colliding with Eurasian (ROM 3cm/year)
Kerman Province ­ SE Iran
5am 26th December 2003
6.8 Richter
o 70% of buildings in Bam destroyed
o 26,200 dead ­ More than half population
o 500 people still missing 3 months afters the quake
o Citidel of Bam reduced to rubble
o 1000s left homeless
o Early morning meant high death toll (either sleeping or going to morning prayer)
o Most buildings in Bam are not EQ proof as were put up by themselves ­ Cannot afford skilled labour
o Due to demand, bricks in kiln are not fired for full 28 days
o 2 of cities hospitals collapsed, crushing many of the staff
o ½ of Bam's health workers were killed
o Therefore injured could not be treated quickly, thus increasing the death toll
o Tremor cut electricity and water supplies as well as phone services
Short-Term Responses
o 40 countries sent aid
o Emergency centres and tents were set up for homeless
o Water had to be brought in by tanker
o Temp toilets were set up
Long-Term Responses
o Regular water and food supply set up by UN (After 1 month)
o £543 million reconstruction cost
o £18miilion needed to restore health service (WHO)
o 2 weeks after EQ, education system began to be resotred.


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