Bam 2003 Earthquake

Includes impacts, response and evaluation of why the impacts were so huge.

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Bam (Intraplate) Earthquake, 2003
Bam, located in the southeast of Iran, suffered an intraplate earthquake on the 26th of
December, 2003, at 5:26am (local time). The plates involved were the Arabian plate
moving against the Eurasian plate which has a rate of movement of about 3cm.year.
Measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale, one of the main questions asked was how it
managed to cause such devastation compared to others of the same magnitude.
Socioeconomic profile of Iran:
Hospital beds, as a 2002 estimate, were 1.6 per 1000 people, suggesting that
before disaster struck and even more hospitals were destroyed/damaged,
healthcare was being pushed anyway.
Unemployment in 2008 was 10.3% but this appears to have increased to 14.6%
over the next two years.
Population of the city before the earthquake was approximately 97,000.

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+ Around the country, thousands of people gave blood to help the injured
+ Britain volunteered to take specialist equipment for finding people trapped under the
rubble, but this took time, and although a nice gesture, did it really help?
+ Upto 1,6000 aid workers from 44 countries, and resources from 60 countries, arrived
to help with the recovery.…read more

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