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BACTERIA…read more

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What are Bacteria?
Bacteria are small single celled microorganisms which
are prokaryotic. They can be found almost everywhere
in plants,animals,water, organic material etc.
Bacteria cells do not have an organized nucleous but
have a nucleiod which holds the DNA. They don't
have any organelles, they only have ribosomes.…read more

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Plasmid- smaller circular pieces of DNA which
can reproduce themselves and give the bacterium
Cytoplasm- inside the cell-surface membrane and
inside the cytoplasm is the ribosomes (70s)
Ribosomes- Smaller than eukaryotic cells but still
synthesise proteins.
Capsule- Used to protect the bacteria cell
(mucilaginous slime)
Nucleoid(circular DNA)- Genetic material.
Flagellum- Helps to move bacteria through fluids
but is not always present.
Cell Wall- Made up of peptidoglycan (polymer of
polysaccharides and peptides)…read more

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Bacterial Shapes
Cocci - is a sphere shaped bacteria
Bacilli - is a rod shaped bacteria
spirili ­ is a spiral shaped bacteria…read more


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