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Backups and archives

Media size example advantages Disadvantages

CD-RW 650mb Personal files or Small and Fragile- can
small systems portable, fairly snap or be
inexpensive, easily
fast access to scratched,
data relatively small
capacity- could
not be used to
back up a
network or a
large system
DVD-RW 4.7…

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Backups and archives

media, can back
up the whole
system or
Cloud storage unlimited Personal data Accessible from Could take a
anywhere long time to
download a
large amount of
data, may take
a long time to
upload the data
in the first
place. Security
issues- need to

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Backups and archives

Advantages- you have a permanent record or source of the data files that
are no longer in use, reduces data which is stored on the network or system
thus making it faster to back up, network storage space is expensive- by
archiving data it frees up space…


Mr A Gibson


A decent overview of different media which can be used for backup and types of backup strategy. This could be used as a reference guide but also to use as a base for making more detailed notes for example adding costs or specific examples.

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