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Backup & Recovery…read more

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Factors in back-up strategy
Medium (media slide)
Location ­ off site, fireproof/floodproof safe
Type (types of backup slide)
Timing ­ overnight, weekends
Frequency ­ every day, week
Security ­ prevents unauthorised access, i.e. passwords, encrypting the data, etc
Responsibility ­ at least 2 people to cover absences
Procedures for recovery (recovery procedures slide)…read more

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Types of backups
Full or global backups
Copy of every file is taken, which is time consuming and requires the
largest amount of space
Differential backup
Files that are different since last FULL backup, data is selected
automatically, slower than incremental
Incremental backup
Files that have changed since last backup, data is selected
automatically, quickest backup, least storage space, slowest restore
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Magnetic Tape ­ most common, high capacity, inexpensive, access is sequential
Flash/Pen drives ­ very popular portable media replaced floppy, up to 4Gb +
Optical media ­ CD-R/RW (up to 700Mb), DVD-R/RW (up to 4.7Gb), drive
usually built in, random access
Hard disk ­ fixed, removable or external, up to 500Gb +, fast access
Zip drives ­ like a fatter floppy, holds 750Mb +, special zip drive is required
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) ­more than 1 disk, data is
saved simultaneously on all disks, can be hot swapped
Internet backup ­ Charged according to amount of data stored, data is stored off
site, unlimited storage…read more

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Recovery procedures
Availability of alternative system
Have access to other communications
Availability of programs
Staff aware of procedures
Availability of staff
Test recovery procedures…read more

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When to overwrite?
Daily method
Keep the daily backups for a week
Keep Friday's backup for a month
Keep one backup each month for a year
Grandfather, father, son…read more

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