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Topic Study Background Theory Evaluation Issues of Study Evaluation of Topic/Approach
Disrupted Families Juby and Certain patterns of family life have Validity: selfreport used which lacks validity
Farrington consistently shown to be related to crime, due to social desirability bias.
shown in the Cambridge Study into Delinquent
Behaviour that 4.6%…

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Cross Sectional Study: doesn't look at
development over time

Criminal Thinking Palmer and PICTs is a psychometric test that is used to Sample: :Large sample, only one type of Nurture Argument because it suggests
Patterns Hollin identify the thinking patterns of offenders: crime, gender biased towards males so can that…

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also importance of the truth. Affiliation ­ for comparison, representative of population.
whether attachments to people make a Ethnocentric.
difference in moral decision making. Life ­ the Data: Mostly Quantative so objective and
importance of saving the life of a stranger and
the importance of saving the life of someone's…

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