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St Marks Gospel
Background and Authority…read more

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Writing of the Gospel
· Mark was Peter's companion and scribe this
makes him a very significant person in the Early
Church as Peter is the leader of the early Church
· Mark was in Rome (the seat of power of the
Roman Empire) when he wrote his Gospel
· Dangerous place ­ persecution
· Exciting place ­ lots of different cultures and
views coming together
· Written in approx. 70 A.D (about 40 years after
Jesus' death)…read more

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Primary Sources (more reliable) Secondary Sources
· Peter · Early writings of church
· Mark himself (naked in the
Garden of Gethsemane)
· Other disciples (close knit
community due to
· God - revelation from God
(God moves Mark's hand
on the page)…read more

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How should it be interpreted?
· Literal · Liberal
· It contains the truth
· It is God talking so every about what God wants
word is true and even if us to understand but
things seem this does not mean
contradictory they must every word needs to be
be accepted interpreted as accurate
­ it is what it means
that is important…read more

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Why did he write it?
· To ensure that the message didn't die with
the early Christians (to ensure it continues)
· To make sure the message isn't changed by
people who are telling it to others
· Because God wanted it to be written (divine
· To offer comfort to the persecuted early
· Because they realised Jesus wasn't coming
back in their lifetime…read more

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· Gospel = Good news
· The Good news is God loves everyone
(universal) and has made it possible for us to
get into heaven through the death of his Son
who has atoned (paid the price) for our sins.…read more

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