B7 OCR 21st century Genetic Modification

  • structure of DNA
  • How genes are put into new cells
  • Arguments For and Against GM crops
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Genetic Modification
Bacteria can be modified to produce other products. Other genes from
microorganisms, plants or animals can be inserted into the bacteria in order to grow.
Drugs such as human insulin can be produced. Previously it was given to
patients from pigs, but it caused side effects. Using GM bacteria doesn't.
Plants can also be Modified to become resistant to disease. This produces
benefits for the farmer.
Arguments for GM Arguments against GM
How are genes put into new cells?
1) The selected DNA is isolated by restriction enzymes in order to be put into the
new cell.
2) The gene is then transferred into another cell
3) This is done by a vector which could be a virus by enzymes
4) It can also be placed into the bacteria's plasmid as a vector, which is a circular
section of DNA separate from the other chromosomes.
5) The desired characteristic can grow.


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