B7 (Biology) IDEAS IN CONTEXT- Potential questions and answers

HERE ARE THE POTENTIAL QUESTIONS (given by my teacher) AND POSSIBLE ANSWERS (written by myself). I can't guarantee the longer ones are 100% right, but they should give you a good idea of what they could ask, and what the answers may be! I hope they help! If you have any comments, queries (or you want to correct some of my answers), then comment below :). I have also added some links to useful websites, and added 6 extra questions I've found on the internet!

Good luck with you revision guys! I have also posted some information that you may need to know for the Ideas In Context, along with some key terms-  


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B7 Ideas in Context June 2012

Below is a scanned copy of a sheet given by my Biology teacher. The words found at the top of the
page are topics which the biology department think will come up. On the sheets above, I have tried
to explore some of these…

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1) Answer- biodiversity is the number and the range of organisms living in an area.

2) Answers:

- Organisms could become limited with the essential factors they have access to (especially if
the `alien species' are more `aggressive').

-Some organisms are being replaced by those that are not native to…

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9) Answer- Malaria.

10) Answer- over the years, natural selection in South East Asia would have meant that people
adapted and evolved as a method of protection from the illness. Natural selection is where
organisms which are best suited to their environment survive, and so achieve greater reproductive
success because…

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A potential benefit- the spread of the alien invader `Knotweed' (which will currently be competing
for essential factors with other plants, such as soil) would be reduced by the introduction of the

18) Answer- the large leaves means that it can absorb more of the sun's energy, as there…

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Articles you might want to read:

http://peconice.ipower.com/InvPolygonum.html - information on the Japanese Knotweed

http://www.ehow.com/about_6383550_do-ladybugs-environment_.html - the benefit of
ladybirds for farmers

http://www.metro.co.uk/news/688371-alarm-over-killer-mosquito-threat-to-uk - article on
the threat of African Mosquitoes.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/mar/08/ruddy-ducks-extermination - article
on the extermination of ruddy ducks.


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